In Grupo Eventos we are experts in renting furniture, development and production of ephemeral assemblies for events of all kinds in all spaces, we have the widest range of furniture and decorative objects to ensure the best atmosphere.

Our long trajectory includes a large number of important events in which we have demonstrated our dedication and orientation to excellence in results. We have an in-house production system that allows us to provide decorative elements of the highest quality at a more than balanced price.

Do you need to rent designer chairs in large quantities?

Our team of experts is responsible for ensuring that the decoration of the event contributes as much as possible to the achievement of your advertising objectives. We have a catalogue with a wide selection of furniture and elements to create the desired atmosphere for each event. Give it the special touch that makes the difference when decorating, our goal is to make reality that special message you want to convey through the proper use of spaces and stands.

We are experts in creating an environment that perfectly transmits everything that is necessary to achieve your ultimate goal, creating a memory that will last in the minds of your clients, always unequivocally transmitting your company’s personality and style. Our collection is able to adapt to any climate we need to create, causing the appearance of an evocative environment and generate the feeling that our event is unique.


Our team is in charge of everything that your project needs, from advising you on the elements that you need to rent as well as everything related to the atmosphere. Our degree of involvement is total, we intervene in everything you need up to the level you need, no matter if it is only a question of renting the furniture or if it is necessary to carry out the assembly or design a space beforehand so that you know what it would look like before acting.

We support you throughout the process so that nothing stays in the air, our only goal is to ensure the success of our customers.

Do you need more information about renting furniture and creating ambience and decoration projects? Contact our team of specialists and we will offer you the solution that best suits your needs.

Why choose us?

Grupo Evento, in its eagerness to achieve excellence in its work and above all the maximum satisfaction of its customers, is characterized by:

EXPERIENCE: more than 40 years of experience guarantee us.

PROFESSIONALITY: a very professional team at your disposal.

INNOVATION: creative in our events as a seal of identity.

If you need to rent furniture in large quantities, we can offer you the most competitive prices in the sector with delivery, assembly, disassembly and collection included throughout Europe..